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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday to all! It’s the last Sunday of vacation for the kids as it’s back to school for most of us tomorrow! Good luck to all of us!  May we learn a lot from our teachers and may we too learn a lot from the students as teachers…

Yesterday was our Community’s Family Day held at the pool area of the Clubhouse at the Town and Country.  It was a successful event and kudos to the organizers! Loved the games coz I was able to join and win some prizes.  Thank you mga Kuyas and Ates for taking that extra effort for that day to be a fun one.  The kids maximized the kiddie pool area even if it was raining, the food was overflowing, it was fun!  Thank you Lord for the protection, the rain didn’t dampen our spirits.


As we got home and rested for awhile, it was time to pick up my cousin from a Tita’s condo in Ortigas and since it was a cold night, I suggested that we go to my favorite Gyoza resto, for some soup,  but wasn’t encouraging it because it was somewhere in Quezon City, quite far from the Ortigas area, but since my Kuya was driving and he also wanted to eat the gyozas he  missed eating years ago, we went! Yey!

D’Little Gyoza House is located along Miller St., near West Ave., in Quezon City,  it used to be located along Morato and it had a previous name, Gyozatei, but it still had the same taste that I am always craving for and without thinking things over, I ordered my favorite, their Sesame Ramen!


I love their gyozas too, original, spicy, spring onion, spinach… too bad Mom failed to take a picture of it, I guess we were all hungry! haha!


Herewith is an evidence that we loved the food…empty!


I am not a food blogger, I just love to eat and I really want to share how we love the food at D’Little  Gyoza House…if some of you have your own comfort food, this is mine.

Nways, off to another Sunday adventure, will be meeting up with someone with Mom, may the good Lord bless us all!


Last weekend of May..

Can’t believe that it will be the last weekend of May and before we know it, it will be the sixth month of 2012! The month that classes start, the same month too that the rainy season enters our weather system! Time flies so fast! It just means too that vacation mode is off! Wahhh!!!

Something to look forward to though… meeting new souls to interact with! Can’t wait! I just hope that the new kids will be excited to meet us teachers as well as we spend ten months, 200 plus days together for two to three hours, O patience be with me! haha! Seriously though, I pray that all will run smoothly for all of us and all the other schools as we try to mold minds, teach hearts, impart wisdom, encourage critical thinking, introduce global awareness, etc etc etc… even if we are just giving them the basics of writing and reading, the love for learning needs to start somewhere.


Anyway, may this weekend be filled with blessings for all of us!

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My Lolo named Perfecto…

This day is a blessed one, because it is my Lolo’s birthday in heaven.  Allow me to honor him, his name is Perfecto E. Marquez, he is a man of few words, he is a disciplinarian, he commands respect, honestly growing up, I thought he was a military man because of how discipline is imposed at home, I was scared of him, but eventually, I came to love and respect him.


He was a bank manager, he too was a farmer.

I would always remember, he would sit by the porch for an afternoon cup of coffee with my Lola, he would go through every page of the Newspaper and he would read out loud all the news articles, in a way, I was trained to do the same.  I would also remember that whenever he was in Manila and when it was dinner time, the TV would be turned off and we all need to sit around the Dinner Table and eat.

I am the second eldest among the Marquez cousins and I am thankful to God to have had an opportunity to get to know him a bit more over my other younger cousins.   Together with Lola, they have raised 5 kids,  I am blessed to have them as my Mom, Tita and Uncles and I have cousins who though, we don’t get to see each other often, am proud of all of them.

To my Lolo up there in heaven, with Lola  and my angel Dad, please whisper a prayer to our Lord Jesus to watch over all of us, your family. Image

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Adventures to the unknown

I am not an adventurous person at all, I have a tendency to stick to the same stuff, go through the same route everyday, order the same food at the same resto no matter how many new food items are listed, stick with the same dear friends I have and live the same life I am used to.  Today, I took an adventure, though it’s a bit shallow, but it was a challenge for me.  I had to find my way through the other side of Taguig, not where Global City is at, but the Taguig area that is nearer Pateros and streets of which I am aware of are narrow and this is one area I never really have gone through at all and all by my lonesome. I equipped myself with google map, trying to remember all the landmarks and remembering what my aunt told me as to how to get to Colegio de Santa Ana in Taguig, venue of my seminar for tomorrow as required by Deped.   I would have been braver if I had someone with me to ask around, but this time, I had to do it by myself,  see that’s how babaw I am!  Some of you are aware that I do cringe at an idea to even drive through NLEX, because I have never even dared to! Anyway on to my adventure.

I followed the jeepney route and upon reaching an intersection, it was a good thing that I asked Mr. Policeman and he was nice enough to guide me through the streets that I have to go to, I saw the different landmarks I made a mental note on, until I reached the Church! I am so thankful that I was able to reach that place, visited their adoration chapel, said a prayer and recalled every turn that I have to take to reach that place.  Going back I went to the same intersection,  except this time, I challenged myself to look for another route, since it was daytime and I don’t think I would get lost, lo and behold I found myself going towards C5! An easier route from home and not anymore passing through Pateros.  As I said, I am mababaw, but this is one challenge I had to overcome and I was able to.

Lessons learned, this may be a simple thing for some of us, but digging deeper, it also speaks of myself and my relationships,  I have a tendency of not trusting my surroundings, I doubt my capacity that I would be able to do it, I rely help from someone else whom I trust and I have alot of anxieties even though I am assured that all shall be well. I  am thankful for today’s experience, I have learned alot!    I rely on what God’s promise is,  I can do all things through God who strengthens me.

Today, I thank God for everything.  May the good Lord bless us all.

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Going back to blogging…

 Thanks to Peachy, I think I should also go back to blogging for one main reason, I love writing, though it may not be that perfect in terms of grammar or whatever, I do know am blessed by God to write out my thoughts, insights or any other thing that I have ideas on.  My last entry was two years ago, I had to enter a new password because I forgot my old one! Signs of being the big 4-0!  Anyways, I really do hope that this would continue on amidst limited time considering that classes will begin in three weeks and I still have a lot of admin work still to do ;( 

I do not want to short change my Lord in limiting myself if I stop writing, I do know He wants me to step out of the box, to move forward, to grow, to speak out what I feel, to inspire, to encourage others, to be the best that I can be, just like what my friend Peachy did, I hope to make decisions in my life to also serve as an inspiration to another.soul.  Another blogger inspires me to do something with my life, thanks to Joyce   because her blogging on her journey in losing weight, inspires me to do the same.

2012 starts the 40th year of my existence, so many things to thank God for actually, challenges came our way at the onset, but I thank God that little by little, in His perfect time, everything just fell into place, He is so good indeed! HIs love for all of us is perfect! Just so as long as we trust Him in everything.  We are still undergoing some challenges, who doesn’t right? But at the end of the day, for as long as we trust, we hope, we give Him what is His from the very start, our good Lord helps us.  

There are things I wanted to happen in my life the past 2 years, between my last blog and this one, I did not get everything, because I do know that in His perfect time, He will give it to me, as they say I am  a work in progress.  I am writing this blog because I am making decisions in my life that I know I have to be responsible for.  I am involving every person who reads this one because, knowing that someone else is aware of what I should do in my life, I am forced to do what I have to do.  Oh my.. may the Lord guide me to do what I should do.  

The past year was a blessed one, at the age of 39, I became a pre school teacher, I had 16 souls to guide and inspire to love learning, love friends, love family, love God and be the best they can be, I hope that I was a success though… In the next three weeks, I shall prepare myself anew for the new souls that I will have an opportunity to interact with as their second mom in school…  

Hope and praying that all is well with everyone… may God inspire us all to be the best we can be.  I hope that I made someone smile… lots of love and blessings to all!




It will be a start to a new week and a countdown to a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

It was our Community’s Christmas party and it was a well attended event comparing it to the past number of years, we numbered almost 200 and I do believe and claim that this will be another beginning for all of us as we gather and continue on becoming believers of the faith and being soldiers armed with God’s wisdom in sharing to others how God blessed and continues to bless everyone!  We had some raffle draw and blessed to have won several prizes and that includes a solicitor’s prize!  The highlight of the night  for me was the opportunity of the Central group to perform, it no longer just involved four or five of us, instead, the new members of the Santisima community performed their best! God is indeed so amazing in always reminding us that it is not in our time nor our circumstance, but more of His time and His will which is the most perfect reminder that He is our everything!  All the other presentation of the other areas were also so well prepared! All for God’s greater glory!

The following day,  we went to Divisoria again! My favorite venue for great discounts!  All this while one would think that the prices of various products at the 168 would already be the lowest any product would get, wrong! Try venturing outside and go with the flow of a sea of people and blocked by vendors to a place called Divisoria Mall! It is one of the first air-conditioned malls at Divisoria aside from the Tutuban Mall.  Could you imagine what a few minutes of walk and haggling for a price you can be happy with?  A 20 peso discount on a particular item of which you need a lot of! So if I need a dozen of something that costs 1200 at the 168 would only cost 960 at the Divisoria mall! I could buy some other stuff with my extra 240! Now that’s a bargain! The only problem though is braving through a sea of people part because the policeman, using his megaphone would shout a warning that someone just lost his wallet  and the culprit could be anyone at that particular time, just some of the adventures while in Divisoria.  Enough said, now it’s time to wrap gifts, still need to set up the christmas tree!!!


This will be a very busy week ahead! But I thank God for everything, received lovely surprises and gifts… Thank you so much dear God!



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Christmas 2010

Christmas is fast approaching and let us not forget the reason for the season. Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today was a busy day, it was an opportunity for me to go to Divisoria, it has always been a destination for bargain hunting, affordable gifts and practical stuff that is needed.  I love going there! I remember, during my college days, mom and I would take a jeepney ride or LRT  train then just walk to Divisoria, find ourselves in Binondo then Escolta.  Those were the days of walking and good that I now drive so my only problem now is finding a good parking space, better  if ever I do find one!

I parked at the new wing of 168,  a treasure if I may say so.  There are so many new stuff to see and spend on, but I really wanted to accomplish what I was supposed to accomplish, find a Santa costume, look for gifts for some friends and find gifts for 70 kids! I am so happy that I accomplished everything! Braved through  Ylaya street that was full of vendors, went towards Divisoria Mall to bargain with the tindera for stuff at a price we shall be happy with and just enjoy the time mingling with God’s creation, every ordinary man who I come in contact with while walking around the area.  Seeing this part of reality makes me understand furthermore that I am indeed blessed, loved and always taken cared of.

One can  imagine what every ordinary person has to go through just to feed one’s family, especially those who just live on a daily income  basis, if you don’t work then there shall be no income to speak of to feed one decent meal for a family, this is just one of the many experiences I can sense as I walked around Divisoria.   The Manong vendor offering anything under the sun, a universal remote control, a yard of cloth, dog chain, bags, mats, aprons etc etc etc… the Aling tindera, whose boss could be one from Taiwan or even China, those “goon looking” guys who shout at the top of their lungs a beinte beinte lang!!!  or they would even blurt out “uuuyyyy ms. sexy! bili na!”  (not referring to me though) To add, I even saw some “kuliglig” drivers taking a risk on getting passengers, to think, just a day after they were near the city hall fighting for what they think is right.

When the sky was overcast, it was a sign for me to leave because I didn’t want to get trapped in any kind of flashflood that happens in the lovely city of Manila.  And so my adventure at Divisoria ends for this day, am thinking when my next visit would be.  Off to Escolta to buy our Merienda at TOHO! Only old folks of Manila know of this place, it is a typical chinese restaurant of old and next destination is back home to rest, segregate items, next thing to do is to psych myself up to start wrapping!

Thank you Lord for this day!



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9 years

There would always be  significant dates in all our respective lives, our birthdays, wedding anniversaries, monthsaries, etc etc… for me, it is  October 7, 2001.

Back then, I was trying out a new career in Cake Decorating, it was a dream for me to not  just bake, but  create cakes and eat it too!  I took Cake Decorating courses under Heny Sison and I do believe it paid off back then because I loved what I was doing.   I was able to create wedding cakes for friends and one of which was ordered by Allan and Sheila, scheduled on October 7, 2001, it included several cakes for the sponsors and to add,  we were also tasked to prepare the AVP with my brother’s help, those were busy but fulfilling days then.

God indeed puts things into order, the night prior the wedding, I was all set,  cakes for the sponsors were ready for delivery, flowers for the cake were picked up, AVP was working well, I had Wena and Loren at home to help me out in finishing  the three layers of the cake.  I was ready, or so I thought.

Around 3 am to around 4, mom woke me up and told me that my dad was having a hard time breathing, after a year of bringing dad to the hospital and celebrating the Millennium  in the hospital, I thought, this would just be one of those ordinary days, apparently I was wrong.  It was a day that will change the rest of our lives as a family.

Mom and my brother took my dad to the hospital, I stayed home because Wena  stayed over to help me out with the wedding cake, but mom called and said that I had to go to the hospital, dad was not in a good condition and so I went and again, I was not ready.

Mom asked me to say something to dad,  the word goodbye never entered my mind. My dad left us on that fateful day of October 7, 2001, that was 9 years ago.

All the details, I can still very much remember, relatives who came to the hospital, Titos and Titas from community who even at the wee hours of the morning came to us, just to hug and comfort us.  A ride home numb at what to expect, as to what to tell manang, our helper then.  What detailed stuff we need to handle, to add to this, I had a wedding cake to deliver, I had a best friend to greet on her special birthday. These things then, I cannot seem to reconcile, but eventually with God’s grace everything just fell into place.

As we got home,  sisters from Community came to help me out with the Cake of Allan and Sheila, Ate Marie helped in the final touches of the cake, she helped in delivering the cake to the venue, brothers too came to help out in the AVP,  everything was happening, I was in a daze.  God is so good, because even if He took my dad on that day, I was kept busy.

This situation that we have gone through represents different aspects of all our lives.  It speaks of birth, of death, of celebrations and of sorrow.  Still, we live. We continue on with God’s love and God’s grace. I miss my dad, I know he continues to watch over us, he whispers to our Lord Jesus  a prayer to continue to bless us.   Today, I celebrate with my best friend Rica, on her Birthday,  because she is a blessing to me and my family.  I also continue to congratulate Allan and Shiela for a blessed relationship and raising a very beautiful daughter named Hannah who turned 8 last Sept. 26. To add, it is also the feast of our Lady of the Holy Rosary, I guess my Dad, Rica, Allan and Sheila have a special place in Mama Mary’s heart, because of Our Lady and the love for the Rosary.

Still in so many crossroads, but in these crossroads, I know I am blessed and loved.

Thank you dad for your love and for watching over us.  Thank you Papa God for taking care of my dad and also for taking care of us too…

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40 years

May 7, 1970,  Our Lady of Remedies, Malate Manila. Roberto Saez Gonzales weds Maria Rosario Aquino Marquez at 7 in the Morning and reception followed at the Selecta Restaurant, along Roxas Boulevard then known as Dewey Boulevard. Guests came and celebrated with them, a simple but meaningful one. Roberto was 35, Rosario was 24. Roberto is my Dad and Rosario is my mom. The special union took place 40 years ago and today, even if my Angel Dad is celebrating in Heaven, we have something to celebrate here on earth as well.

Mom is a nurse and she was assigned as a supervisor at the Medical Center Manila, one of her patient was Joe Quirino, some old folks would know him from his previous TV shows.    Mom and Tita Marge took good care of him and it merited an acknowledgement on JQ’s editorial. Dad saw a familiar name, it was of Tita Marge, being the niece of his former girlfriend, Dad wanted to renew ties not necessarily with the girlfriend but I guess fate had it and that day was supposed to happen, imagine that?   St. Paul’s had a Junior /Senior Prom, mom being from the province and perhaps being “choosy” didn’t have a date to the Prom!   Tita Marge set it up, she asked mom to go to the school parlor and take a peek at someone who was visiting her, a former boyfriend of her aunt.   Mom said, he looked old!!! Hahaha, well still dad was good looking enough so Mom was introduced to my Dad and thus, Mom’s date to the Prom was my Dad.   Dad didn’t let go of my mom ever. He did not promise the sun and the moon, not daylight nor nighttime, but what He had was a commitment, a promise of forever for my mom.   Mom had plans to go to Canada.   Dad didn’t approve of it.   To those who knew  my dad, he is so soft spoken and would not mince a word of anger against anyone, so how would you imagine him speaking out to Grandpa?   Tagging along his brother, Mama Eddie and brother in law, Uncle Mauricio, off they went to Zamboanga to ask for my Mom’s hand in Marriage.   Mom was still young, Grandpa and Grandma had plans for her, but her decision prevailed and thus, enthused a marriage.   This happened 40 years ago.   A good memory for mom and a reminder for us their kids, to be thankful that after all these years, Mom and Dad had a good Marriage, there were challenges in between, the Crispa, Toyota bouts, the going home to Pateros dramas, but bottom line, they worked on it, through thick and thin, through ups and downs.   Dad passed away 2001 and to this day, I do know he is watching over us, his Lancer, which we still use, reminds us of how hard he worked for the family.   If I were to remind myself how a Dad or Husband should be, it is my dad, I guess this is one reason I haven’t found one yet, Dad is one of a kind!

Mom would always tell a story two nights prior their wedding,  siblings and other relatives from Zambo arrived and they had a night out(clubbing in this generation!) There was dancing and Mom wanted to dance, but my Dad had two left feet,  so he  didn’t want to,   she was disappointed  and so on their way home,  Mom said “there wouldn’t be any wedding!”.. That worried my Dad so as soon as my Dad reached his house in Pateros,  Dad called my Mom and he said, “first thing tomorrow, I will take dancing lessons just for you…”

With Grandpa Mark, Grandma Nena, Lola Menang, Lolo Luis

To Mom, life gets better everyday; May 7 will always be your wedding day. Dad loved you so much that’s why he gave you two beautiful kids (ehem …ehem)  I pray and I know that you do pray as well that we your kids settle down with someone who will take care of us and love us for who we are,  just like how much Dad loved you and it is such a tall order to follow!   That day will come, mom, I know it will.   Dad knows what’s best and he is interceding for us to our Lord Jesus. So Mom, I know you miss angel Bob on this particular day, I give you a big hug and lots of love, your friends too give you lots of hugs and love.

It’ll be a busy day on May 7, I do know that, it will also be a day filled with God’s loving surprises for us.  Thank you mom for saying yes to that first ever date you had with Dad, thank you too for loving dad the best way you can.

Love you!

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October 1, 2009

Wow! Have not written for several months now and I do believe, it’s about time that I go back to it so as to release tension, stress, thoughts etc…

It has been one week that the storm named Ondoy passed by and we stormed heavens with prayers so that Pepeng’s wrath will spare us… it’s easier said than done, who can really prepare one’s soul for another havoc to pass by our country and affect the country?

September 26:  We were in Pateros,  Ma attended a Confirmation as a Godmother while I was at the school to update paperworks, didn’t realize that the water was rising already and C. Almeda was flooded, best decision we made was to leave the car and commute home, we can’t stay on because we didn’t have any helpers and it’s only my brother who was there and we knew that he was asleep because he came from his shift at the call center.  To add, we had a dog who was sick and we were worried if the floods would enter the house and he wouldn’t be able to go up the steps.  We had a lot of firsts for that day, first time to wade along C.Almeda, brave the strong winds and rains waiting for any kind of ride to Makati.  It was a first for us to ride a Jeep to Guadalupe, it was a first for me to ride the MRT, a first too to ride the LRT from the Pasay station. It was a first for me to see the flood from the MRT and LRT perspective, a first too to walk along Taft and Vito Cruz not knowing what I would be stepping on or even falling into, thank God for the sidecar boys who warned us that there’s a hole somewhere!  A first too to walk through waist deep water along V. Cruz.  First time to reach home with a water level higher than expected and  a first too, to see the whole of Zobel Roxas flooded! This experience of Firsts is shared with my mom who was brave enough to walk with me as I encouraged her to take that step down the gutter, walking into the unknown path towards a place we know we will be safe, our home.

We all know what happened next to all of us here in the country, alot were affected, rich or poor and to this day, alot are still very much affected and my heart melts with all the sad stories I get to hear, some are friend’s stories and some are seen on TV, alot were uploaded on Facebook and shared on Twitter.  Imagine the means of communicating?! God’s blessing indeed!

As soon as the water receded, it was time for clean up, I wish that it would just be self drying, but not!  Had to save pictures from the albums! Memories!  Files of Mom! Uh oh!  Lesson learned?! Keep files on the second floor considering that we are already a flood prone area.  Our dining table gave up on us, we are now just using a Monobloc round table… in a way we are closer to one another hahhaa!  Some items are still in the garage,  still waiting for Mr. Sunshine to dry them up,  sofa is useless, will have it re upholstered… hay .. sooo many challenges…  still so many things to fix… but blessing? We are alive and well.

Sad though our favorite dog of seven years named Baste passed away while all these things were happening, he got sick September 25,  brought to the hospital on the 30th and he left us on October 1.  This was the hardest part of this past week.  The dog on this blog is my Baste, just like what old folks say about having pets, Baste’s life answered for one of ours, his passing is a realization that life is important and material stuff can be replaced, but not our pet… I consider him as my sibling with a tail.. hahaha call it crazy, but my mom considers Baste as her son, ironically I do consider him as my sibling because I do leave word to him to take care of the house  or take care of mom if I am off to a gimmick.. Uh oh if mom reads this she will cry a bucket again!!!  Anyways, just wanted to share…

Above everything else, I am thankful that I am writing this one, it somehow releases my feelings… Above everything else I say thank you to my God for His love and mercy.

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